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All the Features on our Discord server:

As you know, TopBoost has its own Discord Server. It has many advantages for you and for us. We have many features you can use and check. On this post, I will be telling you which options do you have on our Discord Server and what you can do with them so you can get the best out of our Elo Boosting system, so let’s get started:

First of all, you will have access to our Member List which is organized by ranks. The ranks are:

CEO & Founder of The Owner of the company.

Administrator: ‌On this rank, it’s the right hand of the owner and manager of the company

Staff: Here are the moderators of the company and the customer supports the website.

Vip boosters: On this rank, there are the boosters that are able to do the hardest orders, which are the highest skill and rank ones.

Loyalty booster: ‌The Loyalty boosters are the ones that have been loyal to the company and active for a long time and are able to do all orders until D4.

Challenger: On this category are all our Challenger boosters that aren’t in any of the categories above.

Master: On this category are all our Master boosters that aren’t in any of the categories above.

Diamond: On this category are all our Diamond 1 boosters that aren’t in any of the categories above.

With time and with the new ranked system, there might be a few changes or additional ranks such as GrandMaster, into our rank list but if you ever need any assistance you should contact our Staff or in last case our Manager which is on the Administrator rank.

You will also have access to 2 different groups with multiple channels and rooms, these groups are called: TB-Public and TB-Voice. I will be now explaining all the TB-Public channels and functions.


In this channel you can chat freely with all our Discord members.


In this channel you can see the price of our services.

Customer Support:

In this channel you can contact our support team.

Creat Ticket:

In this channel you can communicate with the management by creating a ticket.

The TB-Voice is basically where you can contact our speak with your booster if you have a duo boosting service. First you need to go to the “Customer Waiting” room so the booster, that will be on the rooms below, (which are called “Customers #1”, “Customers #2”, “Customers #3” and etc.) drags you into his room so you can talk and start your duo boosting service with no delays.

And this is it! I hope you enjoyed and understand now all the features we have just for you and for a better boosting environment. As you know, communication is key and so, with all these features we want to offer you as much communication and information possible so you don’t feel apart from us, after all, we are a family, an elo boosting family!

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